Our mission:

"To provide quality holistic dental care to a loyal and satisfied patient base, whilst maintaining the highest professional, ethical and clinical standards"

Welcome to Glen Maye

Glen Maye Dental Practice was originally founded on ChretienRoad in Northenden around 1954 by the Acton family.

It is now situated about ½ a mile away on Sale Road and has developed into one of the leading providers of dental care in the South Manchester area.

The practice has 6 surgeries which are occupied by 5 dentists and 3 hygienists. We also have a part time oral surgeon who places implants and a specialist childrens dentist.

We are a mixed NHS/Independent Practice and provide a wide variety of treatment options including white fillings, veneers, tooth whitening and implants.

At Glen Maye we are committed to improving the practice for both our staff and patients. As a result of this commitment we achieved the BDA Good Practice Award in 2003.

Further to the letter that some patients have received, Catie Sherlock will not be leaving Glen Maye, and will continue to look after the care of her patients.

Our NHS list is currently closed, but please feel free to send us your details as we will notify you when our list is re-opened - appointments@glenmayedental.co.uk